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Death to Myspace and Facebook

Posted by darren

Yesterday I dismantled my accounts with both Myspace and Facebook. I took down all personal information (excluding the links back to Imbalanced, of course), unjoined any groups for which I had membership, and even took down all my awesome YouTube links.

Don't feel bad for me, I know I don't!

Some of you may be worrying I have turned to the dark side, or worse yet turned "emo." At first I thought that as well, but then a realization set in that hadn't dawned on me for the past five years... Myspace and Facebook suck!

A horribly good bad idea

Posted by darren

Today has been really hard for me, I haven't been very focused and almost passed out drooling on my keyboard.

I decided it would be a good idea at lunch to pick up an energy drink, else I would get nothing done -- although it would satisfy the "I did nothing today and still got paid" Dilbert comic on my cubicle corkboard.

With that in mind, I traveled to my local 7-Eleven,picking up one of those famed 5-Hour Energy shots I see on television every freaking day along with a big can of Sobe Adrenaline.

What could it hurt?

Dave Grohl and Will Ferrell

Posted by darren

Fuck yeah!

Oh silly speechwriters

Posted by darren

When will you learn to write your own material?

This cracks me up

Posted by darren

Just watch, it's wonderful.

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