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Imbalanced at DrupalCon 2009

Posted by darren

It's official. Morgan and I will be at DrupalCon in Washington DC from March 4-7, 2009. It's a place where a bunch of developers get together and discuss the open source CMS project named Drupal (it's running riiiiight now). I think it's safe to say that in the grand scheme of things we're pretty much amateurs in the Drupal arena, so we'll have to take a lot of notes for the week. If you're planning on going to DrupalCon and want to meet us there, just send me an email and we can rock our nation's capitol in good form. If all else fails, I know all the good DC bars.

I've heard it all before

Posted by darren

Okay, so nerds come in all flavors, but video game nerds are a special kind of retarded. Enter this video, which is actually pretty nice considering only two guys wrote and animated it, Ben Levin and Matt Burnett. Seriously, every time I hear people talk like this, I want to punch them in the throat. Hard. Enjoy!

11-Hour Energy, aka energy drinks are B-A-D

Posted by darren

Every once in a while at work I get in a weird mood. I trick myself into thinking I'm tired and needing some sort of energy boost. Most of the time this is done in moderation, but every once in a while it ends badly. I've chronicled one instance of my poor judgment right here. Today was another one of those days. My boss was out sick, and I was already yawning before lunch. I was planning on just drinking water all day (I've started a regiment of five bottles while at work), but instead opted out for energy drinks. Three of them to be exact. It didn't start this way. I was just going to grab an Amp Energy and be on my way. I get the "focus" one to help all my marketing work during the afternoon, but as I was checking out I noticed a 5-Hour Energy shot. Why not. Again, it's not like I hadn't drank two energy drinks together before.

Countdown to someone being offended

Posted by darren

Okay before the AAPD starts hate emailing me Tropic Thunder styley, let me say they're making fun of themselves and I find it hilarious. It reminds me of Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld.

With that in mind, enjoy every second of this video.

Bowser is a bad manager

Posted by darren

The thing you should take away from all this is not to limit your employee's skills by menial and unnecessary rules. Also, Mario is sooooo screwed.

The News Mashup: Bigfoot Stirs Rift Between Georgia and Russia

Posted by darren

For Immediate Release: Aug 16, 2008

Georgia, USA or South Ossetia, Georgia - Officials from the Georgian government have released photographic evidence that Bigfoot, also known to locals as Sasquatch, is antagonizing campers from both Georgia and Russia in an effort to undermine diplomatic relations.

The photographs have created quite a controversy with both government officials and the scientific community. Officials in both Georgia and Russia demand that Bigfoot be brought to justice for his crimes, but several environmentalists are claiming immunity because Sasquatch is an endangered species.