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Music for the Weekend

Posted by darren

I hadn't linked any music lately, so it's about time. In honor of me drinking way too many shots (thanks Gabe), here's "All is Numb" by 32 Leaves. Now go outside, it's a beautiful Sunday.

Mailbox! Open mailbox!

Posted by darren

I've been a whore for fonts. I'm not going to lie, sanserif fonts are totally cooler than serif fonts. Some guy in publishing is cursing my name for that heresy as we speak, but I needed to share the truth with you all! Collegehumor brings us a video about fonts. You should watch it. Myriad Pro for life!

9 things I hate about "blogs"

Posted by darren

I've been doing this "Internet" thing for roughly 10 years now, and I've seen trends come and go. I was there laughing when stocks plummeted in 2000 for online businesses that didn't sell things.

I was there when Friendster lost to Myspace, only to see Myspace lose to Facebook.

I was there for Star Wars Kid and Will It Blend.

I was there!

Trends come and go, but blogs are one trend that I wish would go and die in fire. Here's only a few reasons I've come to this decision. And yes, I detect the irony.

Flying for Dummies: The Rematch!

Posted by darren

Let's try this again! My friends have sufficiently bashed my self worth into the ground over my previous gaff of missing my flight to Arkansas while I was anxiously waiting at the gate several hours early, but who will win this time??

Because of my epic failure, I decided to rebook the flight to Little Rock over the Fourth of July weekend. That way I could:

  1. Redeem what little respect I might still retain,
  2. Drink heavily without requiring attendance to those pesky weddings, and
  3. Did I mention drinking?

Morgan told me it wouldn't happen. Fate wanted me to stay in DC forever. The airlines, no God himself, would prevent me from making it to my short vacation destination. He was almost right. Almost.

Urban Soccer, coming to a street near you!

Posted by darren

I used to play soccer back in the day. I wasn't ever very good, but I understood the concepts. I blame puberty. Anyway, for those who don't like soccer, I think you'll still appreciate this video. The guy is not only awesome, but he's also a jackass (my personal favorite combination).

"Flying for Dummies," aka me....

Posted by darren

Okay, let's be upfront about this and then I shall add detail. I missed my flight to Arkansas Friday... while I was sitting at the gate.

No, I wasn't running late, and yes, I am an idiot.

Now that is out of the way, I would like to defend my good traveling name if that is at all possible. I'm a navy brat. One of the things you inevitably become good at is moving when you grow up in a military family.

Traveling is second nature to me, right up there with riding a bike and flying kites directly into the tallest, unclimbable trees.