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To celebrate my southern "homecoming"...

Posted by darren

Since I'll be flying down to Arkansas this weekend to attend my cousin's wedding, I thought I'd play something a little more mellow in celebration. Here's "Coming Home" by City and Colour. Prepare yourself, Little Rock!

Here's a little Lo-Pro for a Monday morning!

Posted by darren

Enjoy. Lo-Pro rocks.

I'm in the mood for some southern rock!

Posted by darren

So here's a Simple Man cover by Shinedown. Enjoy this lovely Wednesday with a beer in the sun.

Thrice - Come All You Weary

Posted by darren

Thrice just released part two of their Alchemy Index album, which consists of four cd's based on water, fire, earth, and sky.

Each part of Alchemy contains six songs in the theme of that particular element, and it goes without saying for Thrice music, this set of songs is spectacular. I cannot recommend it enough.

Thrice has reinvented rock in their own image, and I sincerely hope other bands take notice. If you haven't purchased Alchemy Index yet, go get it now. I'll wait.

The Social Networking Conversation

Posted by darren

A few weeks ago I wrote about the horrors of using social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace, yet I still log in once in a while to change my status or music on my profiles. Maybe I'm just a creature of habit, but this video pretty much sums up my experience.

Oh, and I promise I'm not going to be a video dump for Super News, they just happen to have a couple videos that ring true. Good job,

Texting: You Do It For The Ladies

Posted by darren

Let me be upfront about this, I find the video infinitely funnier because the "guy" is a Helio Ocean (which I am currently rocking). Be jealous.