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darren's blog

RAMEN! Day 1

Posted by darren

RamenboxI love ramen.

Since high school all I can remember eatin' consistantly in me life is 1) ramen 2) Hot Pockets 3) Chef Boyardi ravioli.

My college matey (an' former lax residential adviser) Jeremy introduced me t', a site that is exactly what it sounds. That is, a place t' buy boxes an' boxes o' ramen.

Now I've been no nay ne'er known t' run away from sodium-infused "chow," so this were bein' music t' me ears. A quick trip t' RetailMeNot t' make sure I were bein' gettin' th' cheapest chow known t' mankind as cheaply as possible, an' I went ahead an' purchased their pre-chosen variety box.


Novocaine: the next anti-energy drink

Posted by darren

Malava NovocaineGod I've been in a writin' funk lately, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! Long days at work followed by short days at work, followed by not workin' at all, an' then finishin' off with 12 hours straight. That's why when I need t' relax, I reach fer Novocaine!

At least that's what Malava wants me t' do. They're a company marketin' another one o' these infamous anti-energy drinks that everyone is talkin' about. And by everyone, I mean nobody. Fetch me spyglass! So I'm goin' t' do it an' ye can hate me later. Walk the plank, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur!

Karnivool: Set Fire to the Hive

Posted by darren

I ha'nae put up any music in a while, an' I thought it were bein' well time we rocked out. Here's Karnivool, a prog-rock ban' out o' Australia. Also, th' lead singer looks like Shaggy off Scooby-Doo. Little known fact #265: Australia has some awesome rock bands.

The War on "Global Warming"

Posted by darren

Let's just get this started right off the bat. When it comes to global warming, Al Gore is a liar and anyone who agrees with him is also a liar or highly misinformed (or dare I say it, uninformed).

Yes, they're all liars and here's the top 5 reasons why you shouldn't believe anything they say.


Where I live, home of... lots of Starbucks

Posted by darren

For all those people that want to get to know the "real" Darren, that guy who does the stupid posts whining about travel or the last energy drink he consumed, well here's a glimpse.

These guys, I don't know them, made an uber-gangstah rap about Arlington, Virginia, the place I currently call home. Keep in mind, I'm totally more hardcore than this, I've got bullet holes in my 4Runner. Granted they're stickers, but don't judge me.

Man in the Box, a cubicle adventure

Posted by darren

Sometimes Stumbleupon only randomly shows me porn, which can be unsettling when I'm NOT WANTING TO SURF FOR PORN. Othertimes, it sends me to comedic gold. This is one of those times.

Man in the Box is a series of short stories about a man, Greg Bizjack, as he suffers through office chatter, romance, newsletters, and resume information. Watching this gives me flashbacks to my own life, surrounded by printers, and copiers, and a fax machine that barely works and I can't figure out if I have to dial nine to get out or if it just knows that already.

Aaaaand I've said too much. Here you go.

Find more on YouTube.