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darren's blog

The Bacon Made Me Do It

Posted by darren

I should be workin', Ya lily livered swabbie! Load the cannons! Should be. Ahoy!

Every once in a while th' Internet throws me a curve ball that completely derails me ability t' concentrate. Oho, and dinna spare the whip! Today were bein' no exception.


What emotions result from even readin' th' word? For me, bacon is somethin' truly epic. It's like if Lethal Weapon replaced plot with huge explosions fer five hours straight.

Flying for Dummies: Part III

Posted by darren

To say I have bad luck when it comes t' travelin' would be an understatement.

More accurately, when I step onto an flyin' contraption, th' moons align in some sort o' event horizon fer which I receive th' blunt o' some mystical, evil aggression, Hornswaggle I would roughly compare me experiences t' Rosie O'Donnell sittin' on Verne Troyer's face.

That is, t' say, somewhat uncomfortable, ye scurvey dog. Scratch that, very uncomfortable. Load the cannons!

2009: A Resolution Worth Forgetting

Posted by darren

Back when Imbalanced had 5+ writers contributin' content on a fairly consistent basis, we held a tradition o' writin' our Christmas lists an' New Years Resolutions fer th' world t' see an' ridicule.

Morgan solidly ruined that ritual by leavin' up his Christmas list fer four years in a row, no nay ne'er writin' another column again. As far as slackin' goes, that's dedication.

With that in mind, 'tis time t' brin' back th' ritual from th' archives. New Years is right aroun' th' corner, an' I feel like at this point in me life I need t' better meself in goal settin' anyway. Without further adieu, here's me New Years Resolutions fer 2009.

A Star Wars Christmas Special!

Posted by darren

Oh man, they just don't make Christmas specials like they used to. This one, it's so bad I was crying. Some people will remember this when it aired, I certainly don't. I'm sorry I missed it. Sit back and relax as the original cast of Star Wars takes you on a space Christmas adventure!

(Warning: This video is two hours long, put it in full screen and enjoy!)

The Frustrations

Posted by darren

My matey Kristen is in a punk rock ban' called The Frustrations, an' they just released their first music video, me Jolly Roger Because I love those guys, I thought I'd share th' video here, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! If ye like what ye see, dern't hesitate t' send them some love t' or visit their Myspace page at Glamour Dog approves!

Imbalanced at DrupalCon 2009

Posted by darren

It's official. Morgan an' I will be at DrupalCon in Washington DC from March 4-7, 2009. It's a place where a bunch o' developers get together an' discuss th' open source CMS project named Drupal ('tis runnin' riiiiight now), Dance the Hempen Jig I think 'tis safe t' say that in th' gran' scheme o' thin's we're pretty much amateurs in th' Drupal arena, so we'll have t' take a lot o' notes fer th' week. If ye're plannin' on goin' t' DrupalCon an' want t' meet us thar, just send me an email an' we can rock our nation's capitol in good form. If all else fails, I know all th' good DC bars. Oho!