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A horribly good bad idea

Posted by darren

Today has been really hard for me, I haven't been very focused and almost passed out drooling on my keyboard.

I decided it would be a good idea at lunch to pick up an energy drink, else I would get nothing done -- although it would satisfy the "I did nothing today and still got paid" Dilbert comic on my cubicle corkboard.

With that in mind, I traveled to my local 7-Eleven,picking up one of those famed 5-Hour Energy shots I see on television every freaking day along with a big can of Sobe Adrenaline.

What could it hurt? Only after I was done drinking them did I realize that 5-Hour Energy has 8,333% of my daily allowance of vitamin B12, 2,000% of B6, and 150% of Niacin (B3).

And for the record, no, that's not a typo.

On top of that, Sobe Adrenaline has 200% B12, 480% B6,and 200% Vitamin C.

At this point I think I'm going to pass out with energy. The 5-Hour Energy warns of a "Niacin Flush" which apparently makes your skin feel warm and turn red.

I imagine I will "level up" any time now and destroy an entire row of cubicles with either super speed or fireballs I can now shoot just by thinking, "Shoot fireball, damnit."

Don't believe me? I just wrote this whole post in 35 seconds. Might want to slowly back away.