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The War on "Global Warming"

Posted by darren

Let's just get this started right off the bat. When it comes to global warming, Al Gore is a liar and anyone who agrees with him is also a liar or highly misinformed (or dare I say it, uninformed).

Yes, they're all liars and here's the top 5 reasons why you shouldn't believe anything they say.

1) CO2, carbon dioxide, is not a pollutant. In fact, it's wonderful for our environment. If environmentalists found a way to decrease the output of CO2 to zero, EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD WOULD DIE. Carbon dioxide is a primary component of photosynthesis in plants, and the more of it in the air, the more plants grow.  The more plants grow, the more oxygen is released into the atmosphere for us inconsiderate humans to breathe.

But Al Gore and his colleague "environmentalists" don't see it that way. Human CO2 emissions are definitely the culprit behind their man-made global warming. They call the amounts of carbon dioxide we emit as "excess," which promotes the greenhouse effect. Remember that greenhouse thing from the late 90's?  It's back!

We can't blame the sun for any warming that occurs, that's just too convenient of a truth, but let's entertain their notion. Going by stats from the National Academy of Sciences, carbon dioxide accounts for less than 10 percent of the greenhouse effect, with water vapor claiming the top greenhouse gas spot (mostly from ocean water evaporation). Roughly 0.03 percent of the atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide, which leaves the other 99.97% open for nitrogen, oxygen, and argon.

Humans aren't even capable of raising the output of CO2 to ONE HUNDREDTH OF ONE PERCENT of our total atmosphere composition.  If we actually go with the U.S. Department of Energy, human activity accounts for about 0.28 percent of the Greenhouse Effect if water vapor is taken into account, but roughly 5.53 percent if not since water vapor controls about 95 percent of all greenhouse effects, which is 99.999 percent NATURAL.... 

2) Temperatures have plateaued, and in many places fallen, since 1998. Blame it on ocean currents, La Niña, and the Boston Celtics. With every iceberg Al Gore shows melting, there are sheets more forming in Antarctica, which claims more than 90 percent of the Earth's ice and 80 percent of its fresh water.  Global warming experts will show the ice in west Antarctica melting while at the same time ignore east Antarctica, which is four times the size (and getting cooler, according to the Australian Antarctic Division glaciology program).

June Temperatures Compared to Average

Did you have a cool summer this year? Washington DC finally made it out of winter in APRIL and is now enjoying 85 degree summer days. Similarly, Boston tied its 6th coldest June in 138 years and New York City had its 8th coldest June since 1869. North Dakota had a June snow for the first time in 60 years. Green Bay broke a 1943 cold record. Of course, there have also been all-time highs in the U.S. this summer too, but I'm just flipping the coin to all those global warming cherry pickers out there (see the NOAA chart for June on temperatures higher or lower than their average). If this is global warming, let the good times roll.

3) Temperature measurements for global warming are inaccurate, skewed, and stupid doody faces.  Climate monitoring stations around the globe, taking in all the temperature data for an area seem straight forward enough.  Unfortunately the execution is flawed. Many stations are built right in the middle of the city, surrounded by cars, exhaust vents, brick and metal structures that absorb heat... you get the picture. The results couldn't be any more unreliable.

Climate monitoring station

As the Watts Up With That? blog puts it, "We’ve seen climate monitoring stations in parking lots, next to parked cars, next to burn barrels, near air conditioners, at airports, at sewage treatment plants, at industrial facilities, in people’s front yards, back yards, side yards, near BBQ grills, on top of telephone poles, on main street, next to houses, attached to houses, next to buildings, and yes even on the rooftops. One was painted blue, one brown, some hardly at all. Some were even found out of compliance in the Alaskan white north. We’ve seen them in the desert, on the DEW line and down under."

Scientific, right?

4) Climate change prediction methodology is flawed. Not only does global warming research only span the hundreds of years humans have been capable of accurately gauging temperature (apparently Earth is older than that), but it completely ignores times in the past that were hotter than today.  "Experts" will point to the melt-off in Greenland, but won't mention the Viking colonies that are being uncovered there from eras past once the ice is gone.  What does that mean? Greenland wasn't always icy!

Ask the IPCC, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, how clouds affect their statistics. The panel will look at you with blank stares. The research doesn't adequately account for cloud movement and abundance.... Yet more clouds cause cooler temperatures while less clouds allow for more sunlight to penetrate to Earth's surface. Even if there is a one percent change in cloud cover, that should be significant enough to include in climate change data.

But it's not.

Then you have mathematical proof that the IPCC "overstated values for the three variables whose product is 'climate sensitivity,' resulting in a 500-2000% overstatement of CO2’s effect on temperature."

5) Whatever they tell you, all scientists don't agree man-made global warming is fact. In fact, many don't, including former CIA Director and Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at M.I.T. and Philip Stott, emeritus professor of biogeography at the University of London.

Then there's the Global Warming Petition Project, which currently lists 31,478 American scientists that disagree with man-made global warming, including 9,029 with PhDs; 7,153 with MS degrees; 2,585 with MD and DVM degrees; and 12,711 with BS or equivalent academic degrees. Most of the MD and DVM signers also have underlying degrees in basic science.

Compare that to the 2,900 scientists that contributed to the IPCC reports, of which only 60 explicitly support the IPCC conclusions.

Still so sure about global warming?


To put my label on the whole thing, people don't agree with the mass global warming hysteria for various reasons. Some of THOSE reasons are just as crazy as the thing they argue against. Personally, I hate people who religiously follow ideas or philosophies with faulty logic or little evidence to back them up. Especially while completely ignoring facts that might sway the results in a different direction.

More than that, we shouldn't feel guilty for living within our own means. Pollution is a problem that needs to be solved on top levels, but global warming isn't a discussion of pollution. It's a discussion on control. A scam designed to impose global governmental regulation, taxation, and controls like "tax credits" and "Cap-and-Trade" that will have zero effect on the planet's natural cycles but raise the price of near everything we need to survive.


Let's end with some links, because I know you guys love cold hard facts.

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