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Music for the Imbalanced

Welcome to the music section. Right now we have one project album (Relics of the Chozo) and two different artists, Transient and Bob Dole/Evolution. Relics of the Chozo is a remix project by the masters at OverClocked Remix. The "album" follows through the ears of Samus in the epic and legendary Super Metroid on Super Nintendo, reimagined for all to hear. These Chozo files are OGG format, which works on most modern players. If not, go get Winamp ya bums! Everything else is MP3 for your convenience.

Transient is a pseudo-alternative duo founded by Myke Smith of 481 Recordings in California. The vocals are by the lovely Dan Graziani, of the band Rockamora. Current downloads for Transient are covers for both Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie.

Bob Dole/Evolution consists of several computer mixes produced by's own Darren Harper.

All material is under the laws of copyright, so download, listen, share, but do not attempt to sell.

Relics of the Chozo (Album Art)

Premonition Of Fell Purpose. So It Begins. Hostile Abduction. Putting Down On Zebes. Evil Aroused. Full of Life. Unsettling Nature. Traversing The Beyond. Vast Inner Depths Of Brinstar. Sudden Death. A Change And A Passing. Metal Fatique. Noumenon. Ebb Tide Manifest. Pyroclastica. Braving The Flames. Perceived By Cold Intelligence. Escaping Retribution. The Galaxy Is At Peace....

Transient Covers

More Human (Zombie). Superbeast (Zombie). Big Man With A Gun(NIN). Terrible Lie(NIN).

Bob Dole Mixes

Spying onthe Moon. Seasons of the Firewalker. Pussywhipped. Payback. Groovin'. Gone South. Evil Intentions. Drowning Slowly. Checkit. Caravan. Beats.

Evolution Mixes

The Betrayal The Depths Delayed Realization Drunk and Deliberating

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