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RAMEN! Day 1

Posted by darren

RamenboxI love ramen.

Since high school all I can remember eating consistantly in my life is 1) ramen 2) Hot Pockets 3) Chef Boyardi ravioli.

My college friend (and former lax residential adviser) Jeremy introduced me to, a site that is exactly what it sounds. That is, a place to buy boxes and boxes of ramen.

Now I've been never known to run away from sodium-infused "food," so this was music to my ears. A quick trip to RetailMeNot to make sure I was getting the cheapest food known to mankind as cheaply as possible, and I went ahead and purchased their pre-chosen variety box.

What's the sampler box got in it? A whole lot. Of ramen.

It's just too much for me to keep track of, so I've decided to keep a journal of sorts about my opinions, one by one, on every package of ramen in the ramen sampler box.

Today's ramen? Paldo's Bibim Men Korean spicy noodles.

Paldo's Bibim Men

These aren't your mama's ramen noodles. No, when Paldo says it's bringing you Korean spicy, you better take notes.

No gimmicks to this package, they give you 1) noodles and 2) spicy "paste."

You cook the noodles in water, but like any true college freshman, in the microwave instead of that Martha Stewart Living pot of boiling water nonsense. Dump out the water and mix in the paste. Done.

While I waited for the microwave to ding, I checked out the wrapper to make sure they didn't include cat or dog meat (still not completely convinced) and noticed this is a PRODUCT OF KOREA -- yes, it was in all caps. If the Koreans don't know how to do Korean spicy, I doubt anybody else does.

Once you're done mixing the paste and noodles, you end up with a clumpy, lava red bowl of noodles. And it hits your nose immediately.


Don't worry, dig in. It could maybe use some sort of protein or leafy vegetable, but who cares, you food snobs.

I've never rated food before, and quite frankly I'm afraid to put an actual numerical value to anything other than times I've been to 7-eleven this week, but I'll try to not tip the scale before I taste any of the other noodles in this Ramenbox sampler.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Heat index: 4 out of 5

Packages I could consume before I died: 4


That's all I got for now. Check back sometime in the near future for my next heart-pumping (stopping) review. RAMEN. THE SAGA.