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Top 5 Ways "World War 3" Will Erupt

Posted by darren

Hypotheticals are always fun. What does a dodo bird taste like? What would the French smell like if they bathed regularly? Would there be a Napoleon complex if he were taller? Well today I want to discuss real current events that might spawn a hypothetical world war. Prepare your bomb shelters. 1) Russian bombers in Cuba and Venezuela.

What? Russia here? That can't be true. Or can it? News organizations are reporting that Moscow intends to project its military capability around the world despite a tight defense budget and outdated weaponry.

Add to that a trigger happy Russia that already attacked its neighbor Georgia in an effort to control oil pipelines, it's not too far fetched to think Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and Cuba president Raúl Castro might attack strategic points in North and South America, including the United States. Nation alliances would then spur our first hypothetical WW3. Boom. Moving on to....

2) North Korea "satellite" blocked by Japan's missile defense system.

North Korea announced plans to put a "communications satellite" into orbit between April 4 and 8, 2009, using a rocket that will fly over Japan and likely drop spent fuel stages into the Pacific. Japan and other Asian countries are noticeably concerned, considering they believe the launch to actually be a cover for testing an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea considers any attempt to intercept the rocket as an “act of war” and will attack the interceptors. Which leads us to the hypothetical created by North Korea: Japan issued a warning that it can (and most likely will) legally shoot down any threatening object if it falls toward its territory.

A United Nations resolution bans North Korea from nuclear and ballistic missile tests following their first nuclear device detonation in 2006. The United States has an obligation to protect Japan in any acts of war, and China most likely will work with North Korea if that happens. Boom.

3) Iran nukes Israel.

This one is several years off, but should still be considered likely. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for the "Death of Israel" on numerous occasions, promising to "wipe Israel off the map."

Israel has in turn carried out several military exercises starting in early 2008 that appeared to be a rehearsals for a potential bombing attack on Iran. Add nuclear capability to this situation, and the pot boils over.

Alliances would come into effect, presuming anything is even left after a nuclear explosion.

4) Mexico becomes a failed state.

Who would have thought the war on drugs would have such dire effects? An estimated 6,290 drug-related murders occurred in Mexico last year, "six times the standard definition of a civil war."

Kidnappings, human trafficking, and beheading of Mexican officials have all spurned from anti-drug laws.

Mexican military, including around 45,000 personnel, have failed to stop the rising drug violence which is now spilling from border Mexican cities into the United States. Presuming the Mexican government DOES fail, there will be a major landgrab along the United States southern border.

Will countries like Cuba and Venezuela attempt to set stake for the disrupted land? Will USA intervene? The only thing that's certain is that instability will create chaos, and that could lead us back to our hypothetical.

This one kinda sucks.

5) Global Warming.

Just kidding! Global warming probably doesn't even exist, and "climate change" probably has more to do with sun activity than it does any of the inhabitants of Earth, be that human or otherwise.

Just ask Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune's moon Triton, which are all undergoing similar climate fluctuation.

But let's look on the bright side, if global warming does exist, and one of the previous four examples do create nuclear war, at least we'll all die with awesome tans.

Except for me, I'm practically albino.